Why buying lingerie makes the perfect gift

Strengthen your sexual relationship

When you give a woman underwear she likes, it has a powerful effect. Specifically, it makes her want to have sex with you. Hot sex. And lots of it.

When to buy lingerie for your girlfriend

If you’re married, you can safely skip this part. Hopefully you’ll never have a problem buying lingerie for your wife.

However, if you’re just dating or have a girlfriend, you may be confused as to when it’s appropriate to buy her lingerie. The truth is, it’s almost never too early to buy her lingerie as a gift, as long as you’ve started sleeping together.

Of course I don’t mean to bring a bra and panties to your second date, but if you’ve already seen each other naked and have some kind of connection – which you presumably do if you’re buying her gifts – then don’t worry about it.

Honestly, I think that guys totally misunderstand women on this issue. Women associate lingerie with feeling good, and they won’t think you’re a pervert buying it for them. (They will think you’re a perv for wearing lingerie yourself, but that’s a different story.)

I remember when I was in college and a couple of guys tried to make me look bad in front of a girl by saying “he reads the Victoria’s Secret catalog!” The girl replied, “oh, cool, so do I”. Guys think that because we look at lingerie as sexy that women feel the same way.

Heck, a girl who works at the mall once told me she occasionally caught guys throwing a bra or panties they were looking at one the floor because they were so embarrassed. She didn’t understand it at all, and tried to encourage men to buy lingerie for their wives and girlfriends.

I’ve never given a girl lingerie and gotten a bad reception. One time, I bought a lace bra for a girl I had been on three dates with, and who I had slept with once. She worked at Victoria’s Secret and was telling me how much she loved the new Bombshell Bra that adds two cup sizes, so I bought it for her. She couldn’t stop telling me how sweet it was, wanted to try it on for me, and kept laughing at how big her already D-cup boobs looked in it.

So don’t be one of those guys that stands outside of Victoria’s Secret sheepishly afraid to go in. Even supermodel Irina Shayk told GQ:

It doesn’t matter if you have been going out with a girl for two weeks or three years, buying underwear for your wife or girlfriend is sexy. Even if you’ve only gone out with the girl for a couple of months, it doesn’t have to be all serious [adopts mock seductive tone] ‘Honey, you have to wear it tonight for me.’ Don’t be scared – have a sense of humour.

Determine her bra size

This is an extremely important step in buying lingerie as a gift, but it isn’t that hard. As we determined above, if you’re buying lingerie as a gift, you’ve already had sex with her, and that means her bra has come off at some point.

The easiest way to check her bra size is to look at her bra after sex. Since women will almost always go to the bathroom after you finish, and they usually don’t take their bra with them, you’ve got a perfect moment to casually look down at her bra and look at the size. It is also helpful to make a note of the bra brand

If it makes you feel more comfortable, just pretend you’re picking up all of the clothes from the floor in case she walks in on you, although some girls are totally cool with your reading their bra tag.

If you don’t have the chance to look at her bra tag, or if her bra tag is worn out and unreadable, the next best way is to sneak around her closet. This obviously involves being at her place, so find an excuse to get to her place and poke around her drawers.

If all else fails, try to estimate. Men tend to be horrible at estimating, and you certainly don’t want to walk into the lingerie section and tell the saleswoman that your girlfriend’s boobs are a bit bigger than hers. Awkward.

How bra sizes work

The hardest size to figure out is her bra size. Panties are a lot easier because they only come in small, medium, large, and sometimes extra-small.

Bra sizes are expressed as a number followed by a letter – for example, 34C. In the US, band sizes (based on the size her ribcage) typically range from 32 to 38, while cup sizes (based on the size of her breasts) range from AA to DD with some bra sizes being even bigger.

An AA cup size is totally flat, while a DD cup size means she has really, really big boobs. In fact, most stores don’t even stock a full range of DD bra sizes, so if your girlfriend has particularly large breasts, you might need to search a little harder. (I’ll share my favorite places to buy bras later.)

Preparing to go bra shopping


Determine the occasion

Determine her lingerie style

You want to make sure you buy lingerie she likes. It needs to be the right style, the right size, and the right color.

How to shop for lingerie as a gift

What type of lingerie to buy for her

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