Want to increase your semen volume and shoot massive loads to impress yourself and your partners? If so, you’re not alone. Myself and many other men have long wondered how to finish like a porn star and feel a huge level of virility. In fact, ever since the guy in Scary Movie glued the girl to the ceiling with a massive load, I’ve been curious.

This isn’t the beginning of a sales pitch for some semen pill. Instead, it’s a collection of everything I learned while trying to increase my own semen output. I’m going to tell you everything I learned, down to each specific tip and trick, and food and herb, that did and didn’t work for me.

This is a case study of what I did to double (and sometimes triple) my ejaculate volume by taking stuff you can buying on Amazon or at most health stores. This case study is designed as an “Ultimate Guide”, so feel free to skip parts that are irrelevant to you. You can click these links to ship to the exact formula I used to more than double my loads, the results I got, the specific herbs and vitamins I took, and the foods I ate during the process.

My Experiment to Increase my Semen Volume

Awhile back, I decided that I wanted to produce more semen and be able to shoot further rather than dribbling as I was used to. I did a lot of internet research to figure out which supplements, foods, or pills to take.

This “ultimate guide” is the result of an experiment I did over the course of about three months. I was determined to increase semen volume in order to enjoy greater pleasure during ejaculation, impress my partners, and impress myself if I decided to masturbate.

During the three months, I mostly did the same thing every day for the entire three months, keeping track of my progress, taking note of changes in my loads and orgasms, and especially taking note of the reaction from my partners.

Speaking from experience, if you are interested in increasing the amount of semen you produce and shoot, I can tell you it’s worth giving it a shot. It feels a lot more masculine (not to mention satisfying) to shoot out ropes rather than dribble an unimpressive amount.

Before we get started, a WARNING:

I should warn you that I am not a doctor, and that this article is only my personal account and should NOT be taken for medical advice. Everyone’s body is different, and what worked for me might not work for you. In fact, it’s always recommended to talk to your doctor before you start making changes to your diet or taking new herbs and supplements. For example, I have heard that some male enhancement supplements can negatively effect herpes. I can’t be responsible if something bad happens, so make sure you get proper advice before starting any new protocol.

Why Increase Semen Volume?

If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to produce more semen and finish in a more spectacular fashion, whether its during traditional sex, oral sex, or on your own.

So, why increase semen volume? Well, several reasons:

Longer, better orgasms

It’s pretty simple: more semen equals better orgasms. If you can figure out how to shoot your load across the room, that feels even better. When you have an orgasm, different muscle groups contract together at the same time, ejaculating as much semen as your body has ready. The larger the semen volume that needs to be ejaculated, the more the contractions that are needed. Each contraction feels better, and with greater semen volume you’ll enjoy longer ejaculations and longer orgasms. So will your partner.

It looks good

Would you rather watch yourself explode with multiple ropes of semen… or just dribble out what’s leftover?

To impress your partners

Now, how do you think your partner feels? Yeah, I know; girls have all told me “more semen only means more mess”, but I can tell you from my experiment that I got better reactions from girls by shooting thick ropes with force than I ever did dribbling out. You need more volume to give you that kind of thrust, and I can tell you that girls really felt turned on seeing that I was turned on enough to finish with such volume and force… wet spot aside.

You’ll feel more powerful and vigorous

Remember when you were young and full of drive? That wasn’t so long ago for most of us, but the feeling of a larger, more powerful ejaculation can make you feel really sexual and powerful. As we age, that feeling goes away, but we can get it back.

Increased fertility

While sperm cells are the main factor of male fertility, low semen volume is also a problem. If you’re looking to conceive, this article will definitely help you increase the volume and potentially the sperm volume in it, however you might also want to read my article on how to increase your sperm count and quality. If your sperm are of poor quality, the biggest semen loads in the world may not help your wife or girlfriend get pregnant.

Hormone replacement therapy

I’ve read that men on HRT often feel that their semen volume decreased significantly due to the therapy. I can’t comment on this experience, and would recommend asking your doctor for help before starting any regimen.

How Semen Production Works

Before I get into my experiment, let’s clarify what semen is and how it’s made. Knowing your body is important if you want to improve how it works.

First of all, the most common source of confusion: the difference between semen and sperm. Sperm refers to the actual sperm cells that are swimming inside your semen. Sperm makes up less than 5% of semen volume, and it is these “swimmers” that are make their way to fertilize an egg while suspended in seminal fluid.

Semen (what we’re trying to increase here) is the white fluid that is ejaculated during orgasm. Unlike sperm cells which are produced in your testicles, semen is produced by specialized glands in your pelvic area.

What effects Semen Volume?

In setting up my experiment, I found that there are a number of factors that effect how much semen we produce. The good news is most of these are within our control. However, some of us are at a bigger advantage (or disadvantage) than others. I consider myself pretty average, and I was able to achieve great success with my loads despite some of these factors.

Here’s what impacts your volume:


Just like the DNA your parents passed down to you impacts your penis size, or how tall you are, it also impacts your body’s natural ability to produce and pump out more semen. Unlike height or nose shape, however, you can actually fire up the semen factory in your body, regardless of genetics.


The older we get, the less semen we produce. We men in our 20’s and 30’s typically enjoy peak semen production, while volume can significantly decline after age 50. However, while peak production can occur in your 20’s, you probably remember that your volume combined with the great sensations were among the best in your teenage years, for a number of factors we’ll go into later.

Diet and Hydration

Semen is largely made up of water, and the part of your body that produces semen requires excellent hydration to work its magic. Think about it: if you don’t put fuel in your car, it won’t go. Your body needs lots of water to work at full capacity. Likewise, if you put poor quality food in your body, it won’t get the nutrients it needs. Drinking lots of water helped me more than anything else, but having a proper diet is also good to nourish your body.

Avoiding processed foods is one easy way to improve your diet. I try to do this anyway, so I can’t comment on how it effected my results in this experiment, but if you eat a lot of pre-packaged foods, cutting down your intake should help you achieve better results.

Arousal Level

Your brain plays a big role in semen production. The more aroused you are, the bigger your loads. Ever notice how you ejaculate more with a new partner you’re really excited about sleeping with for the first time? Or how good it feels to have an afternoon quickie in a forbidden place? Or how big your loads are when your partner is licking and biting you all over?

When you feel really aroused, your brain tells your body’s semen factory to operate as fast as possible in anticipation that you’ll need a lot of semen. Increase your arousal and you’ll increase semen volume. One great way I found to do this is to prolong sex with more teasing, longer foreplay, and more mutual engagement during sex.

Time Between Orgasms

When I was in college, I made a bet with friends that I could go two weeks without sex or masturbating. I actually did it, and after two weeks, I had the biggest load and one of the most sensitive orgasms of my entire life. That’s because, after two weeks, I was really aroused. I’m not suggesting that you engage in long periods of abstinance; that’s boring.

I found that waiting two days was enough for me; other men report 2-4 days. The key for me was not masturbating. I made it a point to almost exclusively have sex with a partner, which meant that I had a built-in one or two day wait that allowed my body to build my semen reserves back up.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you smoke, your semen volume will decrease as your body has a harder time firing up your semen factory. The same goes for excess alcohol consumption. I try not to drink too much to begin with, but I made it a point during this experiment to limit myself to three drinks per week. If you are overweight, you need to lose weight if you want your body to be at peak load generating performance. Also, if you have a prostate issue, you should get help with that, because half of semen is produced in the prostate.

Now, a few frequently asked questions before we get to my results:

What’s the average semen volume?

The average semen volume in healthy males ranges from 2mL up to 5mL. That’s between half a teaspoon and a full teaspoon. I read that the average man who has sex no more than once a day ejaculates about one teaspoon, or 5mL. However, if you can ejaculate 10mL, you’re doing better than almost all other men other there.

Can I increase semen loads if I had a vasectomy?

Yes. A vasectomy only removes the ability to sperm to enter your ejaculate. A vasectomy has no effect on your semen load, and you can increase your volume the same way any man without a vasectomy can.

Does drinking alcohol effect semen production?

While alcohol may have a number of negative impacts on male fertility, it can also effect the liver through the bloodstream and cause an increase in estrogen levels. Higher estrogen levels mean less testosterone and in turn less ejaculate liquid being produced.

Does smoking effect semen production?

Quite simply, yes. Tobacco alters male hormone levels in a way that decreases semen production in the body. Smoking also distorts the quality of semen, and may even lead to infertility in men. A German study concluded that sperm DNA could be destroyed due to long-term smoking. In short, if you want to produce maximum semen, you should quit smoking.

Now that you know the background story, let me share with you step-by-step what I did to more than double my loads. Here we go…


Step 1: Vitamins and Herbs that Increase Semen Volume

The best way I found to increase my loads was through herbs. As I’ll discuss in a moment, eating healthy is important, but my best results came from natural herbs that caused my body’s semen production to go into overdrive.

That’s because herbs are essentially just food. They contain nutrients and they effect certain parts of the body. Take the right herbs and you can boost your cum loads dramatically.

I researched a number of herbs, some of which worked and some which didn’t. Here are the herbs I took:


You’ll see that I also list maca below as a food, because technically it is a food. However, for our purposes, we’ll consider it an herbal supplement, and it’s a good one. Maca is originally from the Andes mountains in South America, where it is well-known for inducing passion and energy in men. The Incas used it for centuries to increase male libido after realizing that the goats that ate the shrub were much hornier than those that didn’t.

I took maca as in capsule form and it became a big part of my stack. However, I noticed a big difference between regular maca and “standardized maca”. Maca that was standardized with 0.6% macamides and macaenes was FAR better at increasing my loads than the regular stuff. While regular maca had an initial effect, I can’t say it was mind-blowing.

Once I switched to standardized maca, my load volume exploded… honestly, I think the standardized maca alone doubled my volume within about a week.

The bottom line: I recommend The Maca Team brand of capsules; they are more expensive but the results blow the traditional (non-standardized) store brands away. Check the price and order on Amazon here.


Lecithin is the second key building block of monster loads. In fact, I think lecithin contributed to boosting my ejaculations even more than maca did. Lecithin is a pretty common supplement for general health, but it also increases semen volume dramatically. In my case, it also had a BIG impact on orgasm intensity; I felt like I was shooting ropes over and over again once I had been on it for about two weeks.

The good news is the lecithin is really cheap. One serving size is three 1,200mg lecithin capsules, and you can do that twice per day. I’ve heard some guys even do that three times a day for more than 10,000mg, but that seems a bit excessive. I took six 1,200mg lecithin capsules per day, and while it didn’t make my semen thicker as I had read it would, it did give me an amazing increase in volume.

I remember one time about one week after starting on six lecithins a day, a girl I had dated before came over and ended up giving me oral sex. Almost as soon as I climaxed, she moved her head back to indicate her mouth was full. Afterward she spit it all out, she said “what did you do?” That felt pretty great.

The bottom line: I took an off-brand of regular lecithin because it was the least expensive; it cost me about $12 a month. Since you take six capsules a day, I think it’s best to buy a larger bottle and save. Check the price and order on Amazon here.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is often packaged with maca, as the two work very well together. Horny goat weed is an extract from the epimedium plant that uses icariin as an active ingredient to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer lasting erections. Horny goat weed is often used as a natural remedy for treating erectile dysfunction because it is less potent than Viagra or other herbs like yohimbe, which can cause serious heart issues.

Horny goat weed doesn’t really impact semen volume by itself, but I decided to try it for the first month to see what would happen. I can say that it makes your orgasms a lot more intense, which makes ejaculation feel better even if there’s not more of it. I tried a water extracted blend with 20% icariin because I heard it was the most effective. While I felt dizzy the first time I took it, it only happened once. What did happen almost every time was that I got a rock hard erection and lasted longer than usual.

One time, I was with a girl who was so active in bed, but I was able to last longer than usual. Horny goat weed didn’t actually increase my volume, but it extended a hot situation and made me a lot more horny by the time I finished with a larger than usual load.

The bottom line: If you only care about increasing your loads, skip horny goat weed. If, however, you want more semen and stronger erections that allow you to last longer, I used GH-2’s Horny goat weed extract. Check the price and order on Amazon here.


I made the mistake of taking zinc on an empty stomach for the first time… and ended up vomiting. So don’t do that. But while many of us get enough zinc in our diets, supplementing with zinc can add some extra oomph to your semen regimen. I had heard that 50mg of Zinc picolinate would boost my results as an add-on to horny goat weed, maca, and lecithin, partially because it synthesizes testosterone.

After I started taking zinc without noticing much of a difference in ejaculate volume, I did some more research. It turns out that zinc is better for improving sperm quality more than actual semen quantity. Since I wasn’t trying to impregnate anyone, I debated whether I should keep taking it.

Ultimately, I figured zinc is good for general health, it’s dirt cheap (about $1.50 a month), and I had read other guys have success with it, so I continued taking it. I took my evening stack after dinner so that I didn’t have any issues with vomiting from too much zinc. I ended up taking chelated tables to make it a little easier to handle.

The bottom line: Zinc might add a little extra oomph to your volume boosting efforts, so if you don’t mind an extra tiny pill once a day, it might be worth it. My zinc supplement was from Nature’s Bounty. Check the price and order on Amazon here.


Pygeum is a tree bark that contains chemicals that help shrink the prostate. It is commonly taken by men with prostate-related issues such as poor urine flow or nighttime urination. However, its effect on the prostate and as a sexual tonic is why it was suggested for bigger loads.

One of the interesting effects of pygeum is that it dramatically increases pre-cum volume. I found this a little annoying the few times I masturbated to “check on my results”, but it definitely works well for actual sex… just make sure to get a condom on beforehand. But it did have an impact on my climax ejaculations, too.

I chose to take one 100mg tablet of pygeum daily. I think you could take two, one in the morning and one at night, but since pygeum is used to treat stuff I don’t have, I wanted to be cautious. The pygeum supplement I chose was standardized to 25% phytosterols; it seems standarized supplements produce better results. It cost me less than $10 for an eight month supply.

The bottom line: Pygeum definitely helped me increase my loads, although I suspect it piggybacked off of the maca and lecithin. The pre-cum part was definitely amazing! I chose a “double potency” store brand which seemed to work well. Check the price and order on Amazon here.


L-arginine is another common amino acid used to boost semen production, as studies show that both sperm and semen volume doubles and fertility improves when taking the supplement. Arginine is found in high concentrations in nuts, seeds, and even dark chocolate, which is why foods such as pumpkin seeds are often good to eat when trying to include cum loads. It can also be found in chocolate and raisins.

When I dabbled with my stack to test for variables, it definitely increased the firmness of my erection. It’s hard to say how much if any increase in my load arginine had, seeing that I had built up lecithin and maca in my system and had likely already produced plenty of excess semen by the time I tested arginine in a more controlled way.

I will say that firmness and longevity are good side effects to have when you want to bump up your loads because they allow you to enjoy sex more. Not only does a harder penis make you feel totally in control of the situation, but a harder erection seemed to give me more shooting power, which propelled the semen out of me faster and with more force. So erection firmness is good, and for that reason alone arginine was worth supplementing with once, although I only took one per day.

The bottom line: Arginine added zero side effects for me and made my erections harder to I shot with more strength when with a partner and during oral sex. It definitely felt a lot better to shoot when I was hard as a pipe rather than the times I was half-erect. I chose the inexpensive bulk pack from NOW Foods. Check the price and order on Amazon here.


Lysine is an amino acid, and since semen is made up of many amino acids, it is a commonly suggested supplement for guys looking to shoot bigger loads. However, most of my research indicated that it primarily focused on sperm quality and quantity, and not so much on actual semen volume.

Researchers suggest that L-lysine and related amino acids increase sperm produced, boost testosterone production, and improve semen quality when taken with zinc. I had already decided to take 50mg of zinc per day, so I considered adding l-lysine. However, upon further research, I couldn’t find any clear, substantive benefits to adding lysine to my stack and I didn’t want to be so taking so much that I got distracted.

The bottom line: Ultimately I decided that the vagueness of “semen quality” wasn’t enough to be added to my stack.

Tribulus Terristris

Tribulis Terristris has been called a “sexual super herb”, but there’s not as much science behind it. That’s because it has never shown to be great at raising testosterone levels in men on a long-term basis. It has boosted semen output in some animal studies, but nothing among humans.

When I was initially researching ways to boost my loads awhile back, I seem to recall a lot about tribulus. Now, most of what I can find is about building muscle, not increasing your ejaculate.

The bottom line: Tribulus terristris’ spotty record made me avoid it.


There is Korean ginseng and then there’s American ginseng. I couldn’t figure out the difference between the two, but when I read that ginseng can give you terrible headaches, I passed. It’s also supposed to keep you awake, which is exactly what I don’t need.

The bottom line: I avoided ginseng due to reading about moderate to severe side effects.

Vitamin C

It has been suggested that Vitamin C helps with all of the amino acids that are present in semen. Obviously Vitamin C has a lot of benefits overall, and most of us could benefit from more of it regardless of whether we’re shooting (no pun intended) for bigger loads or not. In my case, I figured I was getting enough Vitamin C from a healthier eating regimen, and chose not to supplement with it so as to reduce variables in my experiment. I can’t imagine Vitamin C has anywhere near the benefit of lecithin, but I suppose it can’t hurt.

The bottom line: I didn’t supplement with Vitamin C, but obviously there are no shortage of varieties available.

What are the best vitamins and herbs?

For me, maca, lecithin, and pygeum had the absolute biggest impact on increasing my semen loads as well as orgasm intensity. Put all three together and I can’t say I was shooting like a porn star, but it was extraordinarily intense. Zinc also played a support role.

Herbs that played an indirect role in semen improvement were horny goad weed and arginine, which helped me stay really hard whether during oral sex, partner sex, or on my own. I definitely felt like their effect on my erection increased the power of my ejaculation.

If you can only try one or two things, I would stick to maca and lecithin. I’ve dabbled with different brands, and the ones listed above are definitely the best in terms of results.

If you want to check out individual products, you can use the links above. If you want to see my entire daily stack all in one place, check out my formula.


Step 2: Foods that Increase Semen Volume

Like any other healthy eating plan, it’s possible to increase your semen output by eating the right foods. If you research online, you’ll see a lot of foods that are supposed to boost your loads.

However, while I think that eating the right foods is good, I didn’t feel like I got huge results just by eating foods. That’s because, like any other food, the proper nutrients are often present in small quantities and you’d need to eat an impossible amount of a certain food to get the same level of impact you’d get from a supplement.

That said, eating QUALITY versions of the right food does play an overall role in your results. My main priority from food was getting lots of protein. Semen is largely made of protein, and I wanted to get as much as I could. Protein combined with the herbs and vitamins above contributed most to my success.

Here are the best foods for increasing semen volume:


I took maca as a supplement, but it is actually a food. Apparently in the Andes mountains, guys eat this stuff like crazy; not just the powder, but the root and the entire plant. The reason Ilisted maca as a supplement was because I far preferred taking it in supplement form. It seemed that everyone who successfully increased their semen volume counted maca as one of the most important elements in their success.

However, when I ordered some “raw maca” in bulk form, it was a total mess. I had no idea what to do with it. When I tried to boil the root I ordered, it was a bitter mess. When I added powder to smoothies, it tasted OK, but the effort wasn’t worth it. Ultimately, I decided on a capsule for easy delivery.


Oysters are the superfood of semen production. Not only are they known to boost sex drive in both men and women, but they are perhaps the best food for bigger loads. They are also rich in zinc, an essential mineral that improves testosterone levels and sperm production. More testosterone and a higher drive means greater enjoyment during sex, and that means more semen.

I had a problem, though: I don’t particularly like oysters. They’re slimy, they don’t taste so good, and they’re a bit expensive. I found a good zinc supplement to boost my output, and by the time I tried oysters, I didn’t see much of an increase.


Eggs were probably my favorite food for increased volume, partially because they’re so easy. You may already eat eggs for breakfast. High in protein and vitamin E, eggs help produce strong and healthy sperm. Also, because semen is largely made of protein, the high protein density of eggs means you get a big result from each little egg.

I tried to eat at least three eggs, five days per week. I gave myself permission to take two days off when I wanted to eat something else for breakfast (or skip breakfast), and I think the protein boost had an effect, because I noticed slightly better output on days when I had a lot of protein.

Dark Chocolate

The say chocolate is an aphrodisiac that boosts your sex drive… and your loads. First, let’s get one thing straight: chocolate refers to the real stuff, which is dark chocolate. Overly sugary milk chocolates or other so-called chocolates you’ll find in the United States won’t cut it.

Chocolate’s success as a volume increaser is because it contains L-Arginine, an amino acid is known to increase semen volume and improve the intensity of your orgasms. Moderation is important, though; eating too much chocolate will cause weight gain and reduce testosterone, your sex drive, and your sperm count.


Garlic is naturally good for you, although I have to admit I’ve avoided it in the past because it makes my sweat smell bad. That said, garlic is very effective for treating a lot of ailments and symptoms as a folk medicine. It’s also a potent aphrodisiac that is known to increase sensitivity and increase blood flow to your penis, thanks to a compound called allicin. More blood flow means greater pleasure and bigger loads.

I tried adding garlic to my diet the day before a big date, and I did seem to notice a bit of an extra tingly feeling (in a good way) during sex. However, garlic doesn’t really agree with me, so after two or three times, I found a garlic supplement online instead. I followed the same regimen before a date, only by taking two servings of garlic pills, and I seemed to notice to same results.


Bananas are one of the foods widely touted to help boost your loads, but not only did I not see any extra results by adding bananas, but the research I did into them seems to suggest they do nothing for increasing your cum loads. You see, the idea is that bananas contain an enzyme called bromelin. Bromelain is supposed to increase libido and stamina.

That’s great and all, but “having more energy for sex” doesn’t mean bigger loads. Sure, lasting longer in bed gives you more time to get excited and create more ejaculate when it’s finally over, but you don’t need bananas to do that.


Asparagus is another questionable load-boosting food. Not only is it widely known to make your loads taste bad – which is a bad if you prefer oral sex – but it doesn’t contain any ingredients to increase volume that can’t be easily obtained in other foods.

The main ingredient that leads some to praise asparagus is Vitamin C… which you can get just about anywhere else without having to go to the trouble of finding asparagus, cooking it, and ending up with stinky splooge.

Goji Berries

When I first read about these, I thought “what the hell is a goji berry?!” It turns out, these berries not only increase stamina, but also moderate scrotum temperatures so that your testes are relaxed and producing semen at their optimum level. It turns out that higher scrotal temperatures impair the body’s ability to produce as much semen as possible. They are also known to increase blood circulation, which is good for moving blood to your penis.

I had no idea where to buy a goji berry near me, so I chose these dried berries to add to smoothies. After a month I decided to be lazy and bought this extract supplement. I can’t say I noticed any particular improvement after I found the supplement and started taking it, but I did use it during much of my trial period.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are often used for their role in shrinking the size of an enlarged prostate in older men. No doubt, an enlarged prostate can play a negative role in a whole list of sexual health issues, increasing load size. Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols which improve testosterone production, as well as fatty acids that increase blood flow to the penis.

However, not only did I find the idea of consuming pumpkin seeds unappealing to me personally, I didn’t see the connection between a prostate supplement and bigger loads. If you already have an enlarged prostate, pumpkin seeds may play a part in helping you with that issue, which in turn may increase your volume. However, I don’t see a correlation for men under 50 with normal prostates.

What are the best foods?

For me, eggs added significant protein, while supplementing with garlic and goji berries may have had some additional supporting role. As mentioned in the herbs and vitamins section, maca was one of the biggest pieces of my stack and contributed some of the biggest results, including in terms of making me horny and enjoying sex.

I think that supplementing with herbs and vitamins plays a larger role in semen production than food so long as you get significant protein. I tend to eat a decent amount of meats and protein to begin with, so an extra three eggs five days per week definitely helped the amino acids and proteins in my semen.

If you want to jump down and see my entire daily stack all in one place, check out my formula.

Step 3: Stay Hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important factors for consistently high load sizes. You may have noticed I referred to your body’s “semen factory” throughout this article and it’s true; your prostate produces as much semen as it can, but it needs the proper tools. That means staying hydrated.

Here’s how I stayed hydrated:

Drink 3 liters of water per day

Obviously, drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and keep your prostate producing lots of semen for larger ejaculations. I used a number of “tricks” to make sure I always had water at hand, but the best trick I used was to buy 1.5-liter bottles of water for when I went out walking.

I like to go for a walk after I get home at night, and I’d take a 1.5-liter bottle with me to finish over the course of a 30-minute walk. That made half of my water consumption really easy. Then, I’d keep another 1.5-liter bottle at my desk during work, and sip it as the day went by. Between the two bottles, I’d get nearly one gallon of water every day.

On days when I worked out, I simply added the 3 liters to the water I would drink anyway. Obviously, if you sweat a lot for whatever reason, 3 liters may not be enough, but for most guys, it’s a lot more than they’re getting now. Just make sure you urinate frequently enough when drinking water; you don’t want to react negatively to having too much water in you.

I found that 1.5-liter bottles made it easy and attractive to drink water. Finishing each bottle felt like an accomplishment that brought me closer to my goal of doubling my loads. You could also use 1-liter or 2-liter bottles, whichever is easier.

Avoiding alcohol

As I mentioned earlier, drinking less alcohol can help your body function better overall, as well as allowing it to produce more semen. Alcohol also causes dehydration, which dries up the parts that keep semen produced.

I limited myself to three drinks per week mostly on the weekend. The only real exception was the occasional mid-week glass of wine if I had a date. I actually found that drinking less alcohol had a double benefit, since my semen regiment made me have more testosterone and be hornier so that I didn’t want to drink alcohol on dates.

If you’re like me and you’ve ever had one too many drinks at a club before bringing a girl home, you know how alcohol can effect your sexual performance. I felt an overall sense of well-being drinking less alcohol and more water, as if my body were cleaner and as a result more masculine.

Avoiding salt

While some salt is good for you, I realized that salt would dehydrate me and stop my body from doing its thing. Therefore, I cut out potato chips and stopped getting french fries when I got a hamburger. In general, pre-packaged foods are bad for you, but I cut back on salt in particular.

My Exact Formula for Bigger Loads

At the time I tested this stack, I had not tried the semen pills that are commonly marketed on the internet. I suppose if you want a blend of herbs and vitamins designed to increase your load, you could buy one of those to save time, but I think that building your own stack would cost the same or less and give you more ingredients that actually work for real men.

  • 500mg of standardized maca twice daily, every day (for volume)
  • Three 1,200mg capsules of lecithin twice daily, every day (for volume)
  • One 100mg pygeum tablet once daily, in the morning (for volume)
  • One 50mg zinc tablet once daily, after dinner (for volume)
  • One 750mg capsule of horny goat weed twice daily, every day (for arousal/sensitivity/erection quality)
  • One 500mg capsule of arginine as desired the moring of sex
  • Three large eggs, every morning, five days per week
  • Three liters of bottled water, in addition to any water after working out, every day
  • Restricted alcohol to three drinks per week
  • No smoking
  • Sex no more than once per day, with two exceptions
  • “Twice daily” means that I took the product in the morning (for me, around 8:30am) and again after dinner (anywhere between 6:30 and 8:00pm).

    You can click each of the individual links to purchase the exact products I used. Obviously, you’ll need to buy the rest of the food items at your local grocery store.

    Results from my 3-Month Semen Experiment

    I noticed results from my stack rather quickly, and was fortunate enough that I don’t tend to get headaches or have any other health issues which would effect my daily regimen.

    I started the program on a Saturday that I would have time to adjust to any changes with my body, as well as so I had two full days to make sure I was taking everything properly. I had a busy week at work that first week, so my experiences early on were some of the only times I actually masturbated during this test.

    After about four days on the full stack, I was masturbating while lying in bed and, after a normal amount of time I ejaculated, shooting the first rope of semen up far enough to hit my forehead, just missing my eyebrow. I recall four additional ropes settling from halfway up my chest down to my navel.

    I’m not an expert in kitchen, but I remember thinking at the time that it must have been about three teaspoons – or about 15mL – or ejaculate… between three and seven times the average man’s semen output.

    It was at that time that I knew I was heading in the right direction.

    Double and triple semen volume

    I continued taking my stack as laid out above without interruption for the three months. One thing I was afraid of was that the potency of the various foods and herbs would decrease over time, and that my body would get used to them.

    For me, it seems my body got used to creating more semen, and as long as I kept well hydrated and followed my daily regimen, my semen output continued to be larger than before.

    Considering that I was very average in terms of semen volume before I started, my estimate is that I approximately doubled my semen output within two weeks of taking the stack, and that remained relatively consistent throughout the experiment until I stopped after three months.

    There were also some times when I probably tripled my semen volume when I got really excited, such as with a really hot partner.

    It was these times that I was more sensitive because the stack gave me a harder erection than I was used to. This allowed me to enjoy sex more and got me slightly more excited than I usually get during intercourse. I also think that the arginine allowed me to last a few minutes longer than average; I remember one time when a girl asked me if I was about to finish even though I was in no hurry because I was really enjoying the sensation.

    Longer sex and firmer, more sensitive erections must have made me get worked up more and have my body rushing to produce semen. From what I’ve researched, that seems to make sense, as my body getting excited would trigger the prostate to spit out more semen to make up for the excitement.

    Perhaps I also anticipated a better reaction from my partner, which added to the excitement. The times when I estimate I tripled my semen volume were the times I was really excited; I can’t say I ever got that much of a volume increase from masturbating. However, I started on the higher end of average to begin with, so if you’re on the low end of average it’s possible you could triple or quadruple your loads in my situation.

    Oral sex

    Oral sex was one of the best experiences with increased semen volume. I told you above about the girl who had to pull her head back because there was just so much of it flowing into her mouth. She definitely knew something was up. It was “milestones” like that along the way that made me think this wasn’t all in my head.

    I don’t often expect girls to swallow during oral sex, so not a lot changed there, although I think it would be harder to swallow. The only girl that seemed like she might be into that kind of thing tried but couldn’t get it all down at once, and gave up. For me, the main benefit of a bigger load is the thrill of seeing a girl’s face when you deliver it, not in expecting her to lap it all down.

    Vaginal sex

    I’m heterosexual, so I can’t comment on how bigger loads would impact a gay relationship. However, I can comment on vaginal sex with women. Obviously, the thrill of ejaculating into her mouth (or on her body, if that’s your thing) is stronger during oral sex than vaginal sex. However, my stack increased my sensitivity and erection firmness to the point that eventually exploding inside of her was better than usual for both of us.

    One of the girls that I mentioned above was someone I had seen before I started this experiment. Whenever I would enter her, she would almost immediately start screaming; it always seemed a bit fake, but who was I to complain? We were having sex about two weeks after I started taking the stack, and since I was taking longer than usual, I almost got embarrassed from the screaming. (I could hear my neighbors rustling near out shared wall.)

    When I climaxed, I sensed something different in her screaming and moaning; it suddenly got even loader and seemed a bit more carnal and real. Afterwards, she told me that I felt a lot “warmer” inside of her when I finished and that she felt a pulsing sensation that she hadn’t before. Sure enough, she ended up spending the night which included continuous trips to the bathroom to clear out even more semen.

    Lastly, one thing I felt differently during sex than before I started this was greater force and volume for subsequent spurts. Normally when ejaculating, my first spurt was the strongest and most forceful, and the rest just kind of happened. Within the first month of my stack, I noticed that the second and sometimes even third spurt were almost as powerful as the first one.


    This is similar to what I experienced when masturbating the first week when the first spurt hit my head, and the second hit just under the wishbone, before the remaining three ropes of semen hit the more traditional spot above my navel.

    I tried to avoid masturbating during my trial specifically because I wanted to see the reaction of sex partners to my increased load size. I don’t recall any girls commenting on my erection firmness, which was mainly a benefit for me along with the extra sensitivity.

    What I did receive comments on a few times, particularly from girls I had sex with before, was that it was taking me longer than usual to finish. However, I didn’t feel under any pressure or feel I couldn’t finish; it just felt good.

    As is to be expected, the biggest comments I received from more than half of partners – both those I had been with before, and new partners – was regarding the actual ejaculate volume. I felt very pleased with my results because of the fact that I so dramatically improved on what was an already acceptable semen volume.

    Before my test, I had been with two or three women who had jokingly complained about the mess I left behind afterwards, so I know I wasn’t totally deficient going in. Chances you aren’t, either. Doubling or even tripling already decent performance was pretty gratifying, and I’m glad I did this experiment.

    I’m taking some time off from this stack for now, but I expect to repeat it one month on, one month off going forward. That way, I won’t become totally used to it or dependent on it either for bigger loads or the slightly increased sex drive.

    How you can increase semen volume

    Obviously, every body is different, and my experiences may differ from yours. I’ve tried to keep the best records of everything I did for those three months to improve my semen output in different settings. I think you can enjoy similar results, even if you have to make a few changes to what I did.

    Remember, I am not a doctor, and it is always recommend to consult one before you get started with any kind of regimen like this. Make sure it’s not a problem for you to change your diet and your supplement intake, then get started.

    If you have similar experiences increasing your own semen volume, or a story of what worked for you, please feel free to leave a comment below.